Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The "Twixter" Generation

Let’s suppose you go out three nights or more a week and have done a good number of internships. You have never married nor have kids, your age is 24 or 28 and you still live with your parents. If you fulfill all these requirements, you are part of the “Twixter” Generation.

“Twixter” is another coined term, just like the “Lost Generation” of the 1920s and the “Baby boomers” of the mid-1940s. This term comes from the game word “betwixt and between,” in other words, “twixters” are permanent adolescents in adulthood. Last January 24, Time magazine covered a story about this new phenomenon. According to journalist Lev Grossman, a growing trend exists in the United States where post-college individuals are having a tough life moving on with life. Basically, they don’t want to run into marriages, child care, or other adulthood tasks.

Grossman interviewed more than 10 “twixters.” According to the reseach, a 28-year-old woman bounced from school to school, career to career, and city to city in the search for “happiness.” She works as a photographer in Madison. Wis., but she can barely pay her bills. Now the question is, if this makes American youth happy, why does it get so much attention from the national public?

However, Grossman’s research has raised some protests. Youth groups implied that the main cause of being a “twixter” is economics, not arrested development, which has led to this situation.

The same report showed that in 1970, 11 percent of 26-year-olds were living with their parents, but the number has grown up to 20 percent. One of the interviewees said “Of course it has doubled. Aren’t you aware that we’ve been living in a recession? Could it be that the job market is so poor that many educated young adults are not able to find a decent job?”

Recently, The Today Show host Katie Couric interviewed Dr. Mel Levine, author of a book about how parents can help their teens avoid becoming twixters. In his book Ready or Not, Here Life Comes, he reveals easy steps to helping one’s child realize that it’s time to grow up and become more responsible with forthcoming duties.

Is this becoming a problem for our society? Maybe or maybe not, but this situation can be solved if parents and kids work together. We will leave our homes at some point of our lives, we will get married and have new responsibility life will bring on the way. In the end, we will all realize what we really want to do. Definitively, each one of us has a purpose in life; we just have to pursue it.


“Twixters” are not only found in the United States. It seems that this is a growing pattern in other industrialized countries. You can find this selected group of youngsters with different definitions, according to Time magazine

Boomerang Kids

A growing population of young Canadians lives with their parents and they are not opting to start families of their own. Again, they point out that job market is not well diversified.

Median age at marriage
Men: 28 Women: 26

Average age at birth of first child
Women: 27.7


The acronym stands for kids in parent’s pockets eroding retirement savings. Increasing numbers of British twentysomethings are staying with mom and dad.

Median age at marriage
Men: 29.7 Women: 27.7

Average age at birth of first child
: 29.7

Tanguy Syndrome

The name comes from a 2001 film about a 28-year-old guy who refuses to move out of his parents’ apartment despite the many attempts to get him out. This movie sparked a raucous debate.

Median age at marriage
: 29.2 Women 27.1

Average age at birth of first child
Women: 30.4


Literally means as nest squatter. One researcher says the reluctance of so many Germans to go out can be attributed that they regard their parents as friends.

Median age at marriage
: 30.3 Women: 27.1

Average age at birth of first child
Women: 29


This is the description of the young men and women who still want to be a Mamma Mia kid. The number of these “molto mammone” has risen to 50%, and it’s perhaps the highest rate in Europe.

Average age at marriage
Men: 30.5 Women: 27.6

Average age at birth of first child
Women: 28.4


This term comes from the words “free” and “arbeiter” German for “worker.” It describes a young adult who actually works independently but still lives at home. This trend has even been debated at the Japanese parliament.

Median age at marriage
: 28 Women: 27

Average age at birth of first child
: 28.6


BumzIzMe said...

The only thing I can think of to improve this article, which is well researched and includes lots of data - would be to find and interview your own actual twixter.

Instead of a generalized lead, I'd like you to focus on one specific individual. I think it would be more powerful that way.

The only other suggestion I have is if you can find some web pages that deal with Twixters, you could link them.

I find I like blogs that include links, because if I'm interested I have more info at my fingertips -but it also makes the article more crediable, at least in my eyes.

In fact, I'm sort of getting annoyed with print news because I miss links. Oddly, when I'm writing features for Diamont, I keep surpressing the urge to add hyperlinks...


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